Binary to octal. Reads stdin converts bytes to three digit octal numbers plus space and writes result to stdout with a newline character every sixteen numbers.
Command line processor.
Reads stdin, writes to stdout.
Input for process. Open file, attach to stdin, exec process. Usage: ip <FILENAME> <PROCESSNAME>
Line number print. Prints lines from stdin prefixed by line number and a tab character to stdout.
Output for process. Open/create file, attach to stdout, exec process. Usage: op <FILENAME> <PROCESSNAME>
Octal to binary. Reads stdin, converts bto format back to original bytes, and writes result to stdout.
Range print. Print indicated range of lines from stdin to stdout. Usage: rp [STARTINGLINENUMBER] [ENDINGLINENUMBER]
String print. Prints lines from stdin containing the STRING to stdout. Usage: sp <STRING>
String replace. Reads stdin replaces MATCHSTRING with REPLACEMENTSTRING and writes results to stdout. Usage: sr <MATCHSTRING> [REPLACEMENTSTRING]

Have updates for me? I'm interested if:

  1. The process is still able to do at least one useful thing.
  2. It reduces the size, or at least doesn't increase the size.
  3. It makes it faster, or at least doesn't make it slower.

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